Python is an elegant, powerful, object-oriented, high level programming language. It’s known for its use in developing applications rapidly and still resulting in maintainable, easy to read code. It has easy bindings with other language platforms like Java, Dot Net, C/C++ etc.

It can very well be the primary language of a software tester which he/she employs for day-to-day test automation needs as well as in design of general purpose test automation frameworks.

This 2-day workshop focuses on building a strong hold over the Python language so that beyond this workshop the participants can explore the language further and are able to put the language to a given use.

About the Course

  • The best course available in the market. Compare to believe!
  • Learn Python programming from the ground-up.
  • 16 hours of in-classroom workshop time, exclusive of lunch/tea breaks
  • No boring slides. Mind-maps are used throughout.
  • Focus on strong fundamentals
  • 10+ hours of Hands-On Exercises and Demonstration
  • No assumptions about existing knowledge
  • Max batch size of 18 for more involved training.
  • Content developed over 7 years by Rahul Verma
  • Well received by Testers, SDETs and Developers interested in Python/high level Object Oriented programming lanaguages

Prerequisites on Infrastructure

  • Bring your own Windows laptop to work through our hands-on exercises.
  • You must have admin rights on the machine.

Professor – Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma - Principal, Talent Reboot

Rahul Verma is Founder of Test Mile and Talent Reboot . He is also the author of RahulVerma.XYZ . He is an advisor and researcher for SALT – School of Applied Learning in Testing. He is an awarded thought leader for his contributions to Indian testing community. He is known for his practical and unified view of software testing. He consults, coaches, mentors and interviews in the areas of software testing, test automation frameworks, agile testing, web security, Python and web performance testing. He has presented, published articles on a wide range of subjects and educated hundreds of testers in the said areas.

Want to Know More? Check his Linked-In Profile or Detailed Experience Portfolio on Testing Perspective.

Who should take this course?

The course has been specifically designed for someone with none to basic knowledge of any programming language. Testers, SDETs and Developers who want to explore Python programming are the target audience for this workshop.

Trainee Package

The attendees would be provided with the following:

  • Course material
  • Installers needed for the course

Pre-requisites on knowledge

  • None to basic knowledge about any programming language, although such exposure helps in understanding faster.


Key Objectives and Hands-On Exercises

The focus of Day 1-2 is to get testers totally new to Python or to programming get conversant with the language from scratch while building solid concepts about Pythonic way of programming. W.r.t. hands-on, the focus is on Text Parsing problems inclusive of regular expressions. The level till which Python is covered is traditional programming.


  • Parse basic delimiter separated files which are a popular format used in many circumstances and the export format for a variety of tools.
  • Parse basic strings as well as text files to extract data based on regular expressions
  • Plan the right parsing strategies based on the file format
  • Decide the right file format as input based on the context
  • Various Python abstractions to handle file reading and writing
  • Handle very large text files > 1 GB
  • Build a modularized generic parser for delimiter separated files
  • Build a generic pattern-based text extractor using Regular expressions


Topic Coverage

  • Introduction
  • First Few Bytes
  • Python Basic Types
  • Type Conversion
  • Arithmetic
  • Sequence Types
  • Sequence Operations
  • Mapping Type
  • Conditional Control Structures
  • Basics of Exception Handling
  • Looping Control Structures
  • Basics of creating and using functions and modules
  • File Handling
  • Regular Expressions

Payment Details

  • INR 13,500/- per attendee
  • Corporate discounts available
  • Separate discounts can not be clubbed.
  • Discounts for corporate workshops are calculated on the basis of base cost for a single nomination for a public workshop (without group discounts).
  • A Service Tax of 12.36% is applicable over and above the cost mentioned in the price table, as per government regulations.
  • The cost does not include travel/stay expenses for the participants. They should make these arrangements on their own.
  • Full payment needs to be done in advance to block a seat. 75% refund in case of a cancellation from the participant, 100% refund in case of cancellation of the event by Talent Reboot.
  • For corporate workshops, the above mentioned costs does not include travel, stay and commute expenses for the facilitator in case of workshops outside Bangalore or any other logistic expenses.
  • The costs are applicable only for workshops in India.

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